IPJ - IsoPac J

IPJ - IsoPac J

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Roughly 5-feet wide by 5-feet deep by 6.5-feet high IsoPac J - 60-70% perceived volume reduction

IsoPac J is a 5-feet diameter vocal or instrument booth and will accommodate one or two standing musicians. Besides vocals, it works great with acoustic guitar, string, woodwind, and brass musicians. The IsoPac J uses a combination of CSP, SORBER and Lid to provide a significant amount of sound reduction, and features (2) A2466x4 with 12-inch Height Extenders and a 6-inch clip-on fan to help cool the booth. We recommend that the (8) S2433 baffles be installed at the height of the microphone to reduce reflected sound.

See pic for how to get in and out.

Parts List:
(2) A2466x4
(2) AX2412x4
(8) S2233
(1) S1266
(2) ST2466
(1) BAR
(1) FAN