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Miscellaneous Acoustic Treatment Applications

ClearSonic Class "A" fire-rated SORBER baffles can be attached to walls or hung from ceilings to reduce reverb time in almost any room. We would be happy to help recommend panels for your particular room. We offer very competitive pricing for quantity purchases. Here are some examples of custom applications that are possible: 

Gymnasium or Large Room Acoustic Treatment:
This is an example of how SORBER baffles can be hung from the ceiling of a large room or gymnasium. A total of (440) S2448 baffles were used, (240) on the ceiling and (200) on walls. Note that the reverb time in this gym was reduced from over 7 seconds to under 2 seconds. Free hanging baffles are more efficient at absorbing sound because sound can hit either side of the baffle instead of just one side.  Please contact ClearSonic for more information or to receive a factory direct quote.

Gym dimensions: 90' x 150' x 31'H
Average Reverb Time before application: 7.86 seconds
Average Reverb Time after ceiling application: 3.25 seconds
Average Reverb Time after wall application: 1.93 seconds

Auditorium Acoustic Treatment:
This is an example of how S2224 SORBER baffles can be attached directly to the wall in multiple layers, dramatically increasing lower frequency absorption characteristics. Click Here to see design details. Depending on the type of wall surface, construction adhesive, screws and other methods can also be used to attach SORBER baffles to a wall. Feel free to call us for more details or to discuss your specific needs.

Restaurant Applications:
Many restaurant and live performance rooms have problems with bad acoustics. SORBER S2224 baffles (the light gray model has since been discontinued) can be attractively mounted on walls or ceilings to reduce reflections. Acoustically transparent artwork (such as canvas over wood frame) can then be hung over the SORBER baffles if desired. Feel free to call us for more details or to discuss your specific needs.

Office or Room Divider:
CSP and SORBER absorption baffles can also be combined to create modular room and office dividers. Systems can be configured in many different ways with windows in various locations if desired. This divider consists of (1) A2466x4, (8) S2224, and (16) S2226 (note that light gray SORBER models have been discontinued). 

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