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ClearSonic LidPacs are designed to substantially reduce sound that would normally escape up and out of the booth so are especially helpful in rooms with high ceilings. LidPacs are portable, durable, cost effective, and simple to set up and take own.  Systems consist of rectangular center sections and a pair of trapezoid-shaped side sections. 

If your enclosure has a foot print larger than 6 feet wide, an additional 1-foot wide S1248 or S1266 center section and second support bar can be added. While we feel more comfortable recommending our SORBER Lids due to safety and acoustic concerns (acrylic Lids reflect more sound back into the booth which makes it louder inside), we do make the AL2466 available to customers that have esthetic issues that require a clear Lid.

LidPacs include one or two light weight yet sturdy telescoping aluminum support bars that attach to CSP using sturdy metal hooks. If you need to increase the height of your ClearSonic booth before adding a LidPac, install one of our AX Height Extender systems. We also recommend adding a 6-inch clip-on FAN to help cool your newly capped booth.

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