_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Covid-19 Update: Due to overwhelming demand, we are experiencing acrylic supply issues that are affecting our acrylic inventory. Please be aware that some acrylic products may be out of stock until we start receiving a steady supply of raw materials again. That is projected to be after August 9, but that could change. Until then, we will try to keep our inventory up to date on this website to reduce the chance that you will purchase an out-of-stock product. If you are able to add an item to the shopping cart, we should be able to fulfill your order within a few days. We appreciate your patience as the acrylic industry works out it's supply issues.

Assembly & Maintenance

Click the following links to open an instruction sheet.

AmpPac10 & 11 Assembly
AmpPac20 & 21 Assembly
Attaching Additional Panel(s)
AX Height Extender Instructions
         -Height Extender YouTube Video Instructions 
Bass Trap Installation Instructions
Cloud Installation Instructions
CSP Use and Maintenance
GoboPac 20 Instructions
GoboPac 30 Instructions
GoboPac 40 Instructions
GoboPac 50 Instructions
GoboPac 70 Instructions
Germ Shield Multi-Panel Instructions
Germ Shield Single-Panel Instructions
H Channel Installation 

Hinge Replacement/Panel Addition w/pics
            -How to Attach New Style Hinge (H64)/Add-on Panel Video 
            -How to Attach Old Style Hinge (HF64)/Add-on Panel Video
            -Hinge/Panel Removal Video Instructions
Installing Base Channel
Installing AS Side Stabilizers Video
IsoPac A Assembly Instructions 
IsoPac B Assembly Instructions 
            -IPA/IPB Door Instructions
            -IPA/IPB Door YouTube Video Instructions
IsoPac C Assembly Instructions 
IsoPac D Assembly Instructions 
IsoPac E Assembly Instructions 
IsoPac F Assembly Instructions 

IsoPac G Assembly Instructions
IsoPac H Assembly Instructions 
IsoPac I Assembly Instructions 
IsoPac J Assembly Instructions 
IsoPac T Assembly Instructions
SL7266 LidPac Assembly Instructions
SL8466 LidPac Assembly Instructions
ClearLid Assembly Instructions
MegaPac Instructions - p1, p2, p3, p4
MiniMega Instructions  - p1, p2, p3, p4
              -MP/MMP Door Instructions
              -MP/MMP Door YouTube Video Instructions
S2466x2/S2444x2 Instructions
S2216/S2224/S2233 Instructions
SMB Sorber Mic Baffle  Assembly Instructions
SX2412x2 Assembly Instructions
              -SX2412x2 YouTube Video Instructions
SKT Sorber Kick Tunnel Instructions
T-Base Installation

If you have any questions, or need additional help, please call us at 1-800-888-6360.