IPE - IsoPac E

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6-feet wide x 6-feet deep x 6.5-feet tall IsoPac E Vocal Booth - 50-60% perceived volume reduction

Please note that all of our booths have a gap in the rear to promote air circulation and are not 'airtight' or 100% isolated.  If desired, extra pieces can be purchased to effectively close this gap and provide maximum isolation. 

IsoPac E is a large vocal booth that can accommodate up to three people and includes a lid and fan. It is also well suited for isolating guitars, brass, woodwinds, and other acoustic instruments during recording sessions. The (12) S2224 SORBER baffles can be placed anywhere on the clear acrylic using the included Velcro strips. Two system variations are shown below. 

See pic for how to get in and out.

Parts List:
(1) A2466x6
(1) AX2412x6
(2) S2466x2
(12) S2224
(1) S2466
(2) ST2466
(1) BAR
(1) FAN