MMP - MiniMegaPac

MMP - MiniMegaPac

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7-feet wide x 6.5-feet deep x 6.5-feet tall MiniMegaPac - 60-70% perceived volume reduction

With up to a 70% reduction in sound volume, the MMP Mini-MegaPac is a smaller version of the MP and is useful in applications where above average booth space and isolation is desired. This large booth features 360° of CSP, all with 12-inch Height Extenders that provide 6.5-feet of headroom. Model MMP includes 98 square feet of SORBER sound absorption, a 72-inch wide x 66-inch deep SL7266 LidPac, and a 6-inch clip-on fan to help cool the interior.

The MMP features an A2466x6 CSP in front and an A2466x5 CSP in the rear. Included sections of HCNL H-channel and BASE channel are used to connect the two CSP systems together on one side. Panels are left unattached on the other side to allow one of the end panels on the A2466x5 to be used as a booth access door. (See pic or video example)

Parts List:
(2) BAR
(1) FAN