IPI - IsoPac I

IPI - IsoPac I

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6-feet wide x 5-feet deep x 5.5-feet high IsoPac I - 50-60% perceived volume reduction

Please note that all of our booths have a gap in the rear to promote air circulation and are not 'airtight' or 100% isolated.  If desired, extra pieces can be purchased to effectively close this gap and provide maximum isolation. 

IsoPac I is also designed to be used for translation, interpretation, podcasting, and voice-over applications. This booth will easily fit two people seated at a table and features a 5.5-feet deep Lid System and a quiet 6-inch clip-on fan to help cool the booth.

As with all ClearSonic booths, there are cable pass cut-outs at the bottom of each panel and booths can be easily customized to fit your specific size and sound reduction needs. Additional SORBER panels can be added to reduce the reflected sound inside the booth, and additional CSP can be purchased to increase the booth diameter. As always, feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Parts List:
(1) A2466x6
(2) S2466x2
(1) S2466
(1) BAR
(1) FAN