IPG - IsoPac G

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4-feet wide x 4-feet deep x 6.5-feet tall IsoPac G Vocal Booth - 60-70% perceived volume reduction

Please note that all of our booths have a gap in the rear to promote air circulation and are not 'airtight' or 100% isolated.  If desired, extra pieces can be purchased to effectively close this gap and provide maximum isolation. 

IsoPac G is a 4-feet diameter small vocal booth that will hold a single vocalist and works well in situations where space is tight. IsoPac G includes an A2466x6, AX2412x6 Height Extenders, a 2-section lid and wraps all the way around a musician for maximum isolation. The (6) S2224 baffles can be attached anywhere inside the booth depending on your preference. If sound reflections are a problem, some or all of the S2224 baffles can be attached at the same height as the microphone.

See pic for how to get in and out.

Parts List:
(1) A2466x6
(1) AX2412x6
(6) S2224
(2) ST2448
(1) Bar-Short
(1) FAN