IPA - IsoPac A

IPA - IsoPac A

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7-feet wide x 9-feet deep x 6.5-feet tall IsoPac A - 50-60% perceived volume reduction

IsoPac A includes an A2466x7 CSP and AX2412x7 Height Extenders in the front, and three S2466x2 SORBER baffles in the rear. (7) S2224 SORBER baffles are attached to the inside lower portion of the acrylic panels.

Please note that all of our booths have a gap in the rear to promote air circulation and are not 'airtight' or 100% isolated.  If desired, extra pieces can be purchased to effectively close this gap and provide maximum isolation. 

The clear panels are a total of 6.5-feet tall, and the S2466x2 baffles are 5.5 feet tall, so there is a foot of open space around the rear of the booth allowing for air exchange. The ST1266 12-inch wide SORBER Lid baffle is added to the standard 3-section lid to provide a 7-feet wide by 5.5-foot deep lid system. IsoPac A includes (2) lid support bars for maximum support and stability and a six-inch clip-on fan to help with air exchange.  

If reflections off the front shields during recording are a problem, a few more S2224 SORBER baffles can be purchased and Velcroed to the offending shields. Attach them at the same height as the mics for maximum effectiveness.

See pic or video for how to get in and out.

Parts List:
(2) BAR
(1) FAN