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24-inch wide x 2-inch high, Acrylic Height Extender with H-Channel

The reason we offer this part is a bit confusing so let us explain:  AX2402 is a 24-inch wide x 2-inch high acrylic height extender that is useful if a lid system is to be used on top of a 66-inch high IsoPac that doesn’t utilize 12-inch or 18-inch height extenders. Because the A2466 is actually 65.5 inches high and the S4866x2 is actually 67 inches high, the AX2402 is used to increase the height of the A2466 panels to 67.5 inches so that if SORBER lid panels are resting on the A2466, they will not obstruct the S4866x2 baffles that are used as door panels. To put it another way, adding an AX2402 will allow one side of an S4866x2 baffle to be used as a door without bumping into the lid baffles. See photo to get a better idea.