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ClearSonic Panel (CSP)

Portable * Factory Assembled * Free-standing * Modular & Expandable * Durable Full-Length, Semi-Transparent Hinge * Built-In Cable Pass * Multiple Sizes To Fit Every Need

ClearSonic Panels (CSP) provide acoustic separation between instruments on stage or in the studio. This helps reduce drum, guitar amp, and other loud instrument bleed into nearby vocal or quieter instrument mics and allows musicians to lower their stage volume so that everyone can hear themselves better.

Our standard shields are made from 0.22-inch thick acrylic, most are 24 inches wide, and standard panel heights include 2-foot, 3-foot, 4-foot, and 5.5-foot tall. 12-inch and 18-inch Height Extenders are available if additional height is needed. CSP systems come pre-assembled in configurations of 2 to 7 panels per system. All CSP systems feature our custom full-length hinge, cable pass cut-outs, and a design that allows systems to fold ‘accordion style’ for portability and ease of setup.

Note that CSP reflect sound but do not absorb sound. Therefore, CSP are much more effective when used in conjunction with sound-absorbing SORBER baffles to reduce reflected sound. We offer several different Portable Isolation Booth configurations that combine CSP with our SORBER products. If you are not sure which system would be best for you, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help you figure it out. If desired, we can even help you design a custom package for your unique application.

Part numbers are easy to decipher. The ‘A’ stands for acrylic, followed by the width and height of the panels in inches.  Finally, the number after the ‘x’ indicates the number panels in the system. For example, the A2466x6 is a system of six 24-inch wide by 66-inch tall CSP.

Note that alcohol-based cleaners and paper towels can NOT be used on standard acrylic CSP. Use of such products may cause panel surfaces to scratch and fog. If you need panels that can be cleaned like glass, try our Abrasion-Resistant (AR) CSP that have surfaces that are 40 times harder than standard acrylic.  AR CSP are also 7% thicker than standard acrylic CSP and so are great for customers hitting the road with their shields or just want the best, longest lasting shields on the market.

For our customers on a tight budget, we offer a low-cost LITE model that uses 0.177-inch thick acrylic. We believe our standard A2466x5 (while more expensive) is the better overall value, but this is a good lower cost alternative and is backed by our ClearSonic reputation and warranty. 

Finally, if you will need to store or transport your ClearSonic system, we offer both soft and hard-shell Cases for the majority of our CSP and SORBER products. 

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