A note about replacement hinge: All ClearSonic Panel systems proudly feature our custom designed low-profile, heavy duty ‘mechanical lock’ hinge. ClearSonic Panels undergo an extra step in the manufacturing process that creates a ‘locking groove’ on the long edge of the panels.

This allows the hard ‘tooth’ on our proprietary hinge to lock into the groove for a superior, longer lasting hold. Some of our competitors use a lower quality ‘friction-hold’ hinge that relies on flexible barbs and friction to hold the shields together. Mass produced friction-hold hinge will only stay in place as long as the hinge opening is smaller than the panel thickness.

The problem is, plastic has a memory and over time, the hinge will loosen and open up under the stress. Once the hinge opens up, it no longer will hold tight and will start to pop off more and more frequently. We know this because we used friction-hold hinge until early 2000. But we long ago decided that we will never compromise on the quality of our products, so we made the decision that friction hinge was not reliable enough to be used on our best-in-class ClearSonic Panels.

We want our products to hold up and perform for years, not just months. So we spent the big bucks designing and manufacturing a much superior hinge that only ClearSonic can offer. Now, only our budget LITE panels come with friction hinges.  Because of this, we continue to stock both mechanical lock and friction style replacement hinges in various sizes. Friction hinges use the designation ‘HF’ in their part numbers while ClearSonic hinge use just ‘H’.

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