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Product Feature - The Versatile S2466x2 – ClearSonic

Product Feature - The Versatile S2466x2

The S2466x2 is one of our best-selling products, and for good reason - it can be used in countless ways. 

S2466x2 Overview

The S2466x2 is a highlight of our Sorber line of sound absorption baffles. In contrast to our other Sorber panels that are normally attached to walls, ceilings, or drum shields, the S2466x2 is made to be portable for setting wherever it is needed.

An S2466x2 providing acoustic treatment for a microphone.

The S2466x2 features two inner rigid fiberglass panels contained in acoustic fabric that are sewn together with a flexible seam. This construction allows each unit to free-stand by setting it up in a 'V' shape. This way, the S2466x2 will nest around a sound source that needs volume reduction or around an object that needs incoming sound to be reduced. Each panel measures 5.5 ft. high by 2 ft. wide, allowing a coverage width of about 3 ft. with a single unit. 

Each S2466x2 folds up and features a carry handle for easy transport and storage. Lastly, our Sorber has an NRC rating of 1, so you can be sure these baffles will be effective for soaking up excess sound wherever you put them.

Using the S2466x2

S2466x2's make for excellent gobos, or 'go-betweens'. Gobos are most commonly used while recording music to lower echo and create separation between sound sources playing at the same time, such as drums and a guitar amp. While S2466x2's work great at this purpose, they can also be placed in front of nearly any sound source to lower its volume and keep it from disturbing those nearby. 

The S2466x2 is easy and effective to use as a vocal booth in which one or more units surround a vocalist and microphone. This cleans up the acoustic space around the mic by absorbing vocal and speech sound that would normally cause reflections that travel back into the mic. 

It doesn't matter whether you are a vocalist, podcaster, producer, audio engineer, voice-over artist, rapper, translator, or horn player. The S2466x2 will make life easy for anyone working with sound.

Additionally, these units can be set up around air compressors, generators, computer servers, or other machinery to lower their noise output. 

Using Multiple Units

As you can see, just one S2466x2 is pretty useful. But what can you do with multiple units?

Each S2466x2 has Velcro flaps at the top and bottom edge of each panel that allow you to connect multiple units together and create a larger gobo or wall. 


Rear view of an IsoPac A showing the three S2466x2's.

Three S2466x2's are used as the rear portion of our IsoPac A and IsoPac B isolation booths to absorb the reflected sound off the front acrylic drum shield. These walls can also be useful as dividers for classrooms or offices.

Another great way to use these for drum recording is to set up three S2466x2's behind the drums along with two S2444x2's (the S2466x2's 44" high little brother) in front. This leaves sight lines open while providing a tighter and cleaner drum sound, especially in spaces that have less-than-ideal acoustics. 

As previously mentioned, multiple S2466x2's make for a great vocal booth. And if more height coverage is needed, SX2412x2 Sorber extenders will boost the height another foot from 5.5 ft. to 6.5 ft. 

Finally, speech intelligibility is important to get your presentation across, to maximize learning outcomes for students, or in other gathering spaces. There might not be a budget for, or it might not always make sense to have, permanent acoustic treatment in a given space. Luckily, our S2466x2 baffles can be placed where needed to reduce echo within the room as well as sound coming from other spaces to improve speech intelligibility. 


By now, you should have an idea how versatile the S2466x2 can be at improving acoustics. Our goal at ClearSonic is to provide useful and affordable tools so that musicians, teachers, professionals - and everyone - can achieve a pleasant listening environment free from harmful sound. Let the S2466x2 be your go-to solution!

Got questions? Hit us up and we'll be happy to help.

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