ClearSonic Blem Room

We're in the process of moving to a new location, so we are having a 70%-off sale on all blemished, used, and refurbished ClearSonic products!!  Prices below are already discounted. 

All blemishes are cosmetic and do not affect functionality or sound isolation qualities. We inspect each product before shipping, but be aware that all blems are sold 'as-is'Please note, free shipping is not available for Blem orders.

This list is updated regularly to reflect any changes. If you would like to place an order, please call us at 1-800-888-6360.
(Please note we cannot sell blemished items to dealers or to customers outside of the U.S.)

Current Blem Stock
Last Updated July 19th, 2019


***Please note that these are totals of the blemished acrylic and/or Sorber panels we have on hand; they can be adjusted to any specific combinations provided there are enough total panels available. 

(12)  A1224x1                 $12.67 each
(3)    AX2412x1               $12.67 each
(13)  A1824x1                 $18.54 each
(11)   AX2418x1              $18.54 each
(1)     JB-4                     $141.00
(3)     A1834-1                 $46.00 each
(12)   A2436x1                $27.60 each
(100) A2448x1                 $37.70 each
(55)   A2466x1                 $50.99 each
(7) LITE2466x5             $173.10 each
(2) FLECTOR 12             $7.11 each

(1)   S2466x2 (dark grey)  $80.18
(6)   ST2448   (dark grey)  $37.38 each
(10) S1248L   (light grey)   $32.45 each

(2) C2466 soft case                 $79.35 each
(2) FSC2224 soft case            $38.10 each