Warranty Info
All ClearSonic Mfg products are warranted against material defects for one year from the time of purchase. This warranty does not cover Acrylic sheet or other ClearSonic sheet products scratched from normal wear and tear, nor does it cover surface fogging caused by improper cleaning techniques. Hinge components are warranted for one year.

Return Policy
ClearSonic Panels are shipped with the paper masking on the surface of the acrylic to prevent scratches during transit. Please do NOT remove the masking until you are sure you will keep the panels! If you decide you would like to return a CSP and the paper masking has not been removed, we will refund your purchase cost less a 10% restocking fee provided the panels return in new condition. If the masking has been removed, the panels are not returnable.

Please call us to receive a return authorization (RA) number before returning any product.