Vocal Booth

Vocal BoothIf you want significant sound isolation for singers, translators and interpretation services your best bet is to build a high quality vocal booth. Using acrylic sound isolation panels and lids you can effectively isolate vocalists from loud instruments including drums, guitars and keyboards so they can focus clearly on their melodies and harmonizing without having to fight with instruments that can easily distract their concentration. Also ideal for translators sound isolation vocal booths provide a quiet environment that allows people to think clearly when performing sensitive translations and interpretations for schools, governments and social services.

ClearSonic has been manufacturing high quality vocal booth panels and lids since 1996 and have a wide variety of acrylic and Plexiglas panels and lids to help you build free standing and portable vocal booths that will create a noise reduced perimeter around a vocalist so they can concentrate on lyrics and translation without the interference of instruments, studio equipment and other sounds in the room. Available in a number of configurations for specific instrument and vocal set ups including IsoPacs, MegaPacs and MiniMega the ClearSonic vocal booths give you the perfect environment to record voiceovers that are clean and clear.

Vocal IsoPacs come in several configurations to accommodate up to three people at a time or a single vocalist. Each IsoPac has the ability to be customized to fit your specific spacing and also included height extenders and baffles attached with Velcro to help reduce the reverberations in the vocal iso booth. When you combine acrylic clear panels with absorption SORBER baffles you create an ideal environment to achieve maximum sound reduction. This sound control allows vocalists, translators and interpreters the ability to focus on their important lines instead of dealing with distortion and feedback that can disrupt concentration and ruin a recording.

ClearSonic isolation booths can also be constructed for drum kits, organs and keyboards, guitars, amplifiers, speakers and horn sections so your studio or live recording has the best sound possible.