Using ClearSonic Panels in Your Recording Studio

ClearSonic PanelsRunning a recording studio can be a fulfilling, albeit stressful, career or hobby; creating that perfect recording is essential to many recording professionals but sometimes there can be bumps in the road that prevent the perfect result. Some of the common snafus that can pop up in the recording process are the acoustics of the room or instrument bleed. If you have experienced this in the past and you are looking for a way to prevent it in the future you have come to the right place. ClearSonic panels can help the recording process go smoothly and ensure that the end product is superb.

If you are unfamiliar with our ClearSonic panels they clear, acrylic panels that you can assemble to surround an instrument to subdue the intensity of the instruments to help in creating a better sound. Our panels are incredibly durable and will stand up to any wear and tear that they may incur from musicians thrashing around in the studio while playing. Whether you are recording a drummer with ample intensity who really pounds on the drums or a guitarist who likes his amplifier turned all the way up you will find endless benefits when using your ClearSonic panels.

ClearSonic panels are slim and don't take up much room meaning that they will be able to be efficiently used in the tightest of recording spaces. The panels are available in the standard acrylic material and a more scratch resistant material that has been created with a special scratch-proof coating. So when purchasing your panels it is important to evaluate how they will be used and if you record with musicians who may like to play with a bit more intensity than others. While all ClearSonic panels are durable they are not all scratch resistant, so the panels that will resist greater wear and tear may be the right choice for you.

And ClearSonic panels aren't our only product that you will find beneficial in your studio. Also consider our SORBER baffles for acoustic treatments to make the room a better place to record. Whichever ClearSonic products you end up stocking your studio with you will surely see the positive results when the final recording is played. So contact our customer service department or an authorized retailer that carries our products today to get on the road to improving your recording sound.