Using SORBER Sound Baffles in a Church

SORBER Sound BafflesIf your congregation worships in a large church you may have to deal with a great deal of echo during every service; if you have been searching for a way to subdue that echo you have come to the right place. Your church service should be distraction free so the congregation members can pay attention to the message being sent and not the echo that is occurring around them; just as you should be able to pay attention to the message that you are delivering, whether it is through a sermon or music, without worrying about the echo that you may be creating. This is where SORBER sound baffles come in handy.

Where it is your church's worship band, the person delivering the sermon, or the congregation creating the echo one thing is certain: it can be quite a distraction. If you have been searching for a way to reduce this echo you may want to consider the addition of ClearSonic SORBER baffles. These baffles are made out of a thick fiberglass which is covered with a durable material known as acoustic fabric. When set up properly you will find that SORBER baffles do an excellent job of reducing the echo and reflection that you may hear most of the time. You will no longer have to expend energy trying to figure out how to create the perfect sound environment for your church.

SORBER baffles come in a variety of sizes so regardless of the size of your church you will be able to find baffles that work perfectly with the building your congregation worships in. The baffles can easily be hung on the walls or ceiling of your church to create an echo-free environment. Because these baffles are VELCRO receptive you will be able to attach them on nearly any surface in your church without a problem. SORBER baffles can also be used in conjunction with ClearSonic panels if your church band uses that product to ensure the greatest sound quality.

Contact our customer service department today and find out how we can help you create a sound friendly environment in your church with our products. A church service should be a time to worship, share, and rejoice not be bothered by echo or music that is far too loud. The ClearSonic team will be able to outfit your church with products that will create an environment conducive to praise music and sermons.