Transparent Sound Shields

Transparent Sound ShieldsWhether you run a recording studio, play music at live performance, or are the leader of your church band you are likely constantly looking for innovations to improve your sound. ClearSonic panels are wonderful innovations that make a great addition to any recording studio or live music space. The panels are transparent sound shields that can be easily set up and used to ensure that volume is controlled and contained during recording sessions or live performances.

ClearSonic panels are made from a clear acrylic material meaning they are lightweight and won't be distracting to the musicians while playing. They are intended to be set up around the louder instruments, such as the drums and the amplifiers as the volume from these instruments can bleed into other instruments or drown out vocalists. The panels will capture some of this sound to ensure that it is isolated and not dominating the live performance or recording.

You may feel apprehensive about using these transparent sound shields for a variety of reasons. Maybe you think they will be distracting for musicians and the audience alike or maybe you're worried that they will come with a hefty cost. But these panels are actually quite affordable when you consider what you will be gaining from using them; and because they are clear they won't be distracting to those playing or listening to the music. They are also very easy to set up and break down and can be easily transported with the proper carrying cases.

So you may want to check out our selection of transparent sound shields today to discover how they may just change the way that you play or record music. Our ClearSonic panels make a great addition to any musician's repertoire and will certainly be used time and time again. Our panels come in a variety of sizes so no matter how large your recording studio or live set up is we will be able to meet your needs. If you have any questions about our ClearSonic panels or any of our other products that will benefit your music don't hesitate to contact our customer service department today.