Sound Shields

Sound ShieldsIf you have been searching for a way to perfect your recording process or live performances you may want to consider the benefits of investing in sound shields. Whether recording or playing live you may have noticed that there is sometimes instrumental bleed or echo that detracts from the quality of the music. In order to control the sound and ensure a great quality of music every performance, contact us today and discover how sound shields can change your music for the better.

Our sound shields are made from a durable clear acrylic material that will contain the sound of whichever instrument or amplifier it surrounds. Sound shields come in a variety of sizes and can be hinged together to create an enclosed sound barrier no matter how small or large the instrument you're playing is. Upon receiving your sound shield you will find that it can be useful in both the recording process and when playing live at a concert or church.

If you have found that the drums in your band tend to drown out the lead vocalist or that the guitar amplifiers bleed into the other instruments it is important to begin utilizing a sound shield. As a musician or a recording professional you put great stake in the quality of the music that you produce which is why you will find sound shields to be beneficial. After listening to music produced while using sound shields you will likely be able to tell a great difference.

If you are interested in discovering how sound shields will change your music, contact our customer service department today and browse our selection of products that will undoubtedly change how you play or record music. Whether you are looking to cut back on instrumental bleed or echo you will find the products for all of your musical ventures when shopping with ClearSonic.