Sound Panels

Sound PanelsWhether on stage or in a recording studio you will need high quality sound acoustic panels to get clear sound from a vocalist or specific instruments. When music is played reverberations occur that can distort the sound of instruments and vocals. More often than not it is the powerful resonance of percussion instruments that drown out other instruments and if you want a stage performance, church choir or recording session to go smoothly use our high quality sound panels to reduce reflected sound and control the acoustics.

When music is your livelihood you want to do everything you can to create clean, crisp sound that will be enjoyed by live audiences and people who listen to recordings. Without using high quality acrylic and Plexiglas sound panels you let reflected sound and reverberations have free reign over the final sound of a composition and this can create a number of problems from not being able to hear a vocalist and having drums overpower other instrument including bass guitars and keyboards. By creating drum and amp enclosures through the strategic use of clear sound panels you get effective acoustic separation that dampens percussion instruments and lets other instruments be heard clearly.

At ClearSonic we carry a wide selection of amp enclosures, drum shields and cages, panel height extenders and amp pacs in many shapes and sizes to suit your specific stage or recording studio needs. Whether you need a full drum enclosure kit for a church band or a simple acrylic sound panel for a speaker in a recording studio we have all the sound panel equipment you'll need to control the sound of your band or choir.

Combined with our sound absorption SORBER baffles and lid pacs you can create a sound panel system that will isolate drums, organs and vocalists so you get the sound you want in the manner you want it without having to ask musicians to change playing styles or wasting valuable studio recording time.