Sound Baffles

Sound BafflesWhether you are a musician or sound recording engineer you know how important it is to control reflections when performing on stage or in a recording studio. Sound travels in waves and these reverberations can easily distort the finished sound of instruments and vocals when not properly contained and controlled. High quality sound baffles equipment including ClearSonic SORBER baffles effectively contain sound so you can control how drums, organs, vocals and guitars sound when performing live on stage or laying down tracks in a recording studio.

Unlike other types of sound baffles that simply re-direct sound, SORBER sound baffles featuring heavy duty carpet cloth panels actually absorb sound waves so you don't have to deal with bouncing waves that drown out certain instruments and vocalists. SORBER sound baffles can be used to surround drums, amplifiers, speakers and vocal booths as well as being placed on walls for effective acoustic treatment. Gymnasiums, auditoriums and churches are all places where you can find high quality SORBER baffles.

When combined with acrylic and Plexiglas sound panels and lid pacs, SORBER baffles help to create a controlled environment that lets you create the sound you want for music, translations and other recordings. Portable, easy to set up, fire resistant and Velcro-receptive, SORBER sound baffles are ideal for many sound environments including stages, churches, studios, concert halls and recording studios. Whether you need to isolate a drum kit, dampen the reverberations from an amplifier or contain sound in a portable vocal booth ClearSonic SORBER sound baffles will give you the reflection control you need to produce the sound you want.

At ClearSonic we offer a wide selection of SORBER sound baffles in various shapes, depths and sizes to suit your specific sound recording needs. From sound engineers who need to set up recording studios and stages for concerts to music teachers and church band leaders who want to perfect the sound of students and choirs our SORBER sound baffles will allow you to effectively control reflections and absorb sound.