Sound Baffle

Sound BaffleSound baffles reduce the strength of airborne sound and are a fundamental tool of noise mitigation, the act of minimizing noise reverberation. Often used in churches, recording studios and stages sound baffles are applied to walls and ceilings to help absorb the sound energy of drums, guitars and vocals so the acoustics aren't distorted and the sound quality is clean and clear. At ClearSonic we manufacture high quality sound baffles including SORBER to help you control the sound on stage or in a recording studio so you get high quality sound without disturbing noise reverberations.

Sound baffles can be applied to gymnasium ceilings, auditorium and recording studio walls and even vocal and drum booth lids to reduce powerful sound reverberations that can easily distort the natural sounds of instruments and a singer's voice. When a preacher is on stage at a church or a guitar player is in a recording studio they want to focus on the sermon or guitar riffs without having to hear twisted acoustics that could effect how they preach and play. With high quality sound baffles you can effectively control the reverberations in a large venue or studio and provide musicians and pastors with an environment that is conducive for the task being asked of them.

ClearSonic offers outstanding sound reduction equipment in the form of compressed fiberglass SORBER baffles that contain and control sound reflections so the acoustics of a band, church choir or theater troupe are heard loud and clear to the audience. Without sound baffles you run the risk of having twisted and distorted melodies and tones that can ruin a song, sermon or monologue. When used properly sound baffles can greatly reduce the noise reduction coefficient and allow for clear and crisp sound that will be enjoyed by the performers and the audience.