Setting up Vocal Booths

Vocal BoothsIf you operate a recording studio whether you are recording music, voiceovers, or any other type of dictation it is likely that you are always trying to find ways to improve the quality of the recording. If it is a musical recording then there are likely a variety of elements that play into the final result such as instrumentation to support the vocals. But if you are recording voiceovers or dictation then the only thing that listeners will notice are the vocals. So it isn't difficult to see why the quality of the vocals in any recording is quite important. If you are searching for a way to improve the sound quality of your recordings you may want to consider setting up a vocal booth in your recording studio.

If you have never used a vocal booth before you may have seen one without even knowing it. In film and television whenever the recording process is taking place the vocalists can usually be seen in a vocal booth. Some vocal booths may be as large as entire rooms but some may also be rather compact. The vocal booth that you end up creating and utilizing will be dependent upon your recording needs. When you think of a vocal booth you may not thing that you will be able to create and customize it but thanks to our products you can create a booth that will meet your needs perfectly.

By combining our ClearSonic panels with SORBER baffles we have created customizable isolation booths that can be used for a variety of recording procedures including vocals. The combination of these two products is called an IsoPac, which is short for Isolation Package. Our vocal IsoPacs are outstanding vocal booths that include ClearSonic panels all the way around along with SORBER baffles and a ClearSonic Lid that ensures sound will not escape upwards.

Before making a purchase review all of our IsoPacs and determine which will be the best recording solution for your studio. By evaluating your needs you will be able to get the product for your studio that will yield the best results. Don't settle for subpar vocal quality in your recording any longer, instead invest in one of our vocal booths today that will help isolate sound and reduce feedback.