Recording Studio Acoustics

Recording Studio AcousticsGetting high quality acoustics in a recording studio is essential for great music. Reducing volume, feedback, distortion and reverb can be accomplished by using superior sound isolation equipment including drum panel shields, amp enclosures, vocal iso booths and SORBER baffles. Since 1996 ClearSonic has been supplying recording studios around the world with excellent acrylic and Plexiglas sound shields to improve the acoustics in studio rooms so the vocal and instrumental tracks come through exactly how it is intended.

Recording time in a studio isn't cheap and the last thing you want is to lay down tracks and have distortions between instruments that ruin the final mix. If you're serious about your music then get high quality ClearSonic sound isolation equipment to ensure your session goes right the first time.

Acoustics in a recording studio play a major role in how the instruments and vocals sound. Having high quality acoustic treatments including SORBER baffles help to control the sound volume in the recording rooms which in turn allows engineers to tweak drums, guitars, keyboards and microphones so the desired sound for a particular track is achieved.

SORBER baffles can be attached directly to recording studio walls and ceilings permanently or temporarily depending on the needs of your sound room. Once in place these 1/5" thick compressed fiberglass panels encased in heavy duty acoustic fabric will effectively contain sound and control sound wave reflection. Great for acoustic wall treatments SORBER baffles help control unwanted reverb, the echoes created from the instruments being played, and reduce the reflections that can distort a recording.

With the right acoustic treatment panels in your recording studio you can have more control over sound volume and be able to engineer the music to your exact specifications. Contact ClearSonic today to find out how their high quality recording studio SORBER baffles and acoustic panels can create an ideal sound environment in your studio.