Portable Vocal Booths

Portable Vocal BoothsIf you run a recording studio or video production company it's in your best interest to invest in portable vocal booths. When you need to capture voice over's, vocals and translations it's imperative that you get the clearest sound possible so productions and recordings come out professionally and don't have to be dubbed over or re-done entirely.

At ClearSonic we carry a full line of vocal isolation booths that can be easily transported so you can record in studios, on stages and on sets. Featuring high quality acrylic and Plexiglas sound panels and heavy duty fabric SORBER baffles our portable vocal sound booths are flexible sound reduction equipment that can be modified to fit specific needs.

Having an all the way around perimeter that utilizes both ClearSonic sound panels and SORBER sound baffles allows you to control the amount of sound that escapes from a vocal booth so you can produce high quality vocal recordings, translation services and other voice-over work. Being able to mix and match sound panels, SORBER baffles and height extenders gives you greater flexibility as a sound engineer or mixing specialist to construct high quality vocal booths that give vocal talent the right environment for singing, speaking and translating.

Our vocal IsoPacs come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to handle a number or recording applications. Being able to isolate sound in a vocal booth gives you greater control over the final production and leads to easier recording. With portable vocal booths you can take your recording and productions on the road to capture unique sound environments and be more versatile when it comes to stage shows, concerts and live recordings.

Choose from our great selection of IsoPacs, MegaPacs, MiniMegas and vocal IsoPacs to have complete control over the recording environment. Set up portable vocal isolation booths in recording studios, on stage, in churches or other areas where you need to isolate vocals to get a crisp and clear sound.