Portable Isolation Booths

Portable Isolation BoothsWhether you are recording music, voiceovers, or dictations it can be a process that is arduous to perfect; but if you are recording for commercial purposes it is probably important to you that every detail is exactly how you want it. By using a portable isolation booth when recording you will have more control over the setting and subsequently the end results. If you have worked in the recording industry before you may have seen stationary recording booths and found them useful but it is important to think about the benefits of the portability that portable isolation booths can provide.

With a portable isolation booth you will be able to create the environment that you need when recording no matter where you happen to be working. If you are in the studio you can move a portable isolation booth to where the recording artist feels more comfortable. And if you are going to be recording in the field you can simply pack up your isolation booth and go. The portable recording booths that we here at ClearSonic produce are built with our ClearSonic panels, SORBER baffles, and a lid and they are also known as IsoPacs.

The IsoPacs give you the ability to control the environment that you are recording in. Whether you are recording the drums for an album or a professional voice actor for an animated film or short you will find that the portable isolation booths are incredibly convenient. You will no longer have to worry about environmental noise disrupting your recording process with the addition of IsoPacs to your recording gear. We offer a variety of sizes of IsoPacs as well so whether you have an extra large drum kit you need to fit in the booth or one vocalist you will be able to find the portable recording booth for you by browsing our selection.