Percussion Enclosures

Percussion EnclosuresWhether you are performing on a stage or in a recording studio you know how loud percussion instruments can be. Bass drums, bongos, snares and cymbals add deep and powerful rhythm to performances but can get quite loud and when it does it can easily drown out vocalists and other instruments including guitars and keyboards. If you are concerned about the acoustic separation between the instruments on your stage or in a recording studio consider building a percussion enclosure using acrylic panels and SORBER sound baffles to control the stage or studio volume.

One of the most common problems musicians have with drums is the bleed over effect of drums in vocal and instrument microphones. Without proper acoustic separation this bleed can greatly distort the overall sound of your church band and drown out vocalists and other instruments with the heavy pounding of percussion drums. Getting the full sound of percussion instruments without disturbing other musicians can be accomplished by using ClearSonic drum shields, SORBER sound baffles and LidPacs to produce a high quality percussion enclosure.

Depending on the size of your drum kit or the amount of percussionists in your band or ensemble there are several options for creating a drum enclosure that ranges from simple panels to full enclosure systems that include SORBER sound baffles and LidPacs to help isolate the percussion instruments from other musicians on stage or in a recording studio. Being able to control the sound volume will lead to a higher quality sound and will prevent other instruments from being overpowered by the drums in your band.

With high quality acrylic and Plexiglas panels providing acoustic separation between the drums and other instruments on stage you not only reduce the bleed into microphones but also lower the stage volume so vocalists and other musicians can hear better and subsequently play better without having to deal with the deep reverberation of percussion instruments. Contact ClearSonic today to find out what drum enclosure system will work best for your church band or recording studio and how a portable percussion enclosure can easily break down and be transported to shows, concerts and recordings.