GoboGobos are portable acoustic isolation panels that are often used in recording studios to help control the acoustic properties of a room by absorbing and diffusing sound waves. Often made from wood panels gobos feature foam or carpeted covering which have sound damping properties. Gobo panels and SORBER baffles soak up reflected and direct sound to provide a complete and cost effective solution to excessive noise problems when recording tracks in a studio.

Gobo is a slang term used by engineers in the recording industry and is believed to stand for 'go between'. Gobos and SORBER baffles act to contain sound by acting as a go between to separate sound waves that can cause distortion when recording music in a studio or playing live on a stage. Stray sound in a studio can distort the sound of drums, guitars, keyboards and vocals and with the proper use of high quality gobos and SORBER baffles you can effectively contain the sound waves and improve the acoustics in the room.

Velcro-receptive and easy to attach to walls and clear panel enclosure shields gobos and SORBER baffles can be installed quickly and also extended in height to accommodate larger vocal booths and drum isolation cages. ClearSonic offers a great selection of SORBER baffles that are made from rigid 1.5" thick compressed fiberglass encased in heavy duty acoustic fabric and are available in free-standing and tackable models. ClearSonic uses fiberglass fill in their high quality gobos and SORBER baffles due to its fire resistance and superior sound absorbing properties.

If you have problems with excessive noise interference in churches, recording studios, auditoriums or on stages consider using ClearSonic gobos and SORBER baffles to effectively absorb sound and control reflection. Available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations gobos and SORBER baffles can be used in concert with ClearSonic drum panels, vocal booth enclosures and amp enclosures to achieve the best quality sound possible.