Electronic Drums

Drum ShieldsAre electronic drums really worth the hassle and sacrifice? Music is always evolving and the incorporation of new technology can indeed make sound quality better and recording easier but when it comes to the sound of percussion instruments many drummers feel electronic drums, in particular the Roland V-drums, lack a natural element that make drums so alluring. Electronic drums are often used to control the volume of the drums so it won't overpower vocals and other instruments but the same control can be achieved by using ClearSonic drum shields, enclosures and sound baffles that maintain the natural drum sound.

One venue where electronic drums were given a thorough testing and came up short is churches. Church band drummers know it's not a rock show and that the preacher comes first during sermons. Church percussionists also have to watch their volume when playing with guitars, organs and choirs so the idea of electronic drums made sense at first. However, the artificial sound, glitches with wiring and instances of pings on cymbals and double hits on snares made the V-drum kits confusing and hard to work with. Instead, drummers in churches found a way to control the volume with traditional drums by using high quality acrylic and Plexiglas drum shield panels that let you keep the natural acoustic sounds of real drums while maintaining a volume conducive to the other members of the church band.

ClearSonic offers a great selection of drum isolation equipment including portable percussion enclosures, clear panel drum shields and SORBER baffles to assist drummers with volume control, reverberation and reducing reflected sound. When set up properly these drum isolation products can effectively temper the sound of cymbals, snare drums and bass drums so other instruments can be heard clearly while still keeping the beat. Durable, affordable and portable ClearSonic drum shields and acrylic panels are perfect for drummers who want to control volume but don't want the artificial sound and electrical hassle of a V-drum kit.