Drum Shields vs. V Drums

Drum ShieldsIn recent years some drummers in churches and recording studios have tried V-Drums, the top selling electronic drum kit from manufacturer Roland. The design and technology of these electronic drum kits allows drummers to let the equipment control the volume of percussion rather than having to adjust their particular playing style. However, many drummers find major problems with the artificial sound of electronic drums and for those that prefer the natural acoustic sounds of traditional drums ClearSonic has a solution: clear panel acrylic drum shields.

Technology advances in the hopes of making products better but in some cases the results are more problematic than the solution. Electronic drums, in particular V-drums, are a case in point. While the sound volume is easy to control many drummers have voiced complaints about artificial sounds on cymbals and snares, velocity scaling, kit mapping, annoying glitches with cable wires and the awkward sound of double hits when pads are struck. Many V-drum kits also patch in to software programs that can have their own set of problems. Log on to any drum site chat room and you'll find a long list of V-drum players who have a laundry list of issues stemming from electronic drums.

If you are a drummer and want to control the volume of your percussion instruments and don't want the hassle and artificiality of electronics interfering with your beats, consider using a wide range of drum isolation products from ClearSonic. With high quality acrylic and Plexiglas drum shields and drum cage enclosures you can effectively control the volume of your drums while still getting the natural acoustic sound you want from your percussion instruments. Available in a wide variety of sizes, configurations and combinations with SORBER baffles and sound absorbing materials ClearSonic drum shields give you the freedom to play traditional drums the way you want without sacrificing style.

Achieving drum isolation with ClearSonic drum shields, panels and portable percussion enclosures is easy to do and will allow you to keep the natural sound of traditional drums while still controlling volume. Contact ClearSonic today to learn more about drum isolation gear and how it can help you get the sound you want the way you want it.