Drum Isolation

Drum IsolationDrums are powerful percussion instruments and if left alone in a recording studio or on a church stage can easily distort the sound of vocals, guitars and other instruments. Drums can also bleed into vocal and guitar microphones to overpower the sound and create a lower quality resolution that will be hard for the audience to hear. Even if the drummer is playing softly the nature of percussion will create a loud reverberation that can drown out a preacher, singer or guitar player. To tame the dominant sound of drums consider using high quality acrylic and Plexiglas ClearSonic drum shields.

Made from " thick acrylic and available in many sizes and configurations ClearSonic drum screens effectively provide acoustic separation between percussion instruments and the vocalists on a stage or in a studio. With this shield in place the reverberation of the drums are kept to a minimum so it doesn't interfere with the other instruments yet still allows for the rhythm and beat to be heard. Drum sound isolation is very important in churches, school auditoriums and recording studios where vocals need to be clear so the audience and sound engineers can listen for quality and make necessary adjustments so the final version is the best possible.

A well constructed drum cage or Plexiglas drum enclosure booth can dampen the forceful sound from a drum kit or bongo drums and isolate that sound so it does not interfere with less forceful instruments including guitars, bass guitars, trumpets and keyboards. When set up properly ClearSonic drum shields allow the drummer to play as he normally would without having to change his technique or style capture the necessary drum beats without having it distort other instruments and vocalists.

Whether you need acoustic separation on stage or in a recording studio trust in ClearSonic drum shields and acrylic drum panels to give your ensemble the space it needs to get the sound you want. When you have maximum control over the sound environment you can isolate the instruments that need dampening, especially drums, and create a pleasing sound that will make any type of music sound better.