Church Acoustics

Church AcousticsChurches provide unique challenges for sound. Preachers, choirs, bands and organs all have a place in the church setting but finding the right balance between all the instruments and the pastor can be daunting if you don't have the right sound baffle equipment. At ClearSonic we have years of experience helping churches and parishes find the right amp enclosures, SORBER baffles, drum shields and Leslie speaker isolation panels to achieve high quality sound acoustics.

Because of the architectural design of churches, acoustics can be tricky to deal with since there is an aesthetic look to a place of worship that can't be compromised. At the same time churches have to consider the way sound carries in the vast spaces so that preachers, choirs and church bands can all be heard properly without interfering with one another. ClearSonic offers a wide variety of sound solutions to help your church achieve a crystal clear sound that will be enjoyed by the entire congregation.

From large cathedrals to smaller community parishes each church has a unique layout that requires special sound baffles to achieve a high quality sound. Speech intelligibility, organ acoustics and guitar sound all need to be taken into account when planning a church sound system and with ClearSonic amp enclosures, drum screens and SORBER baffles you can control the reverberation and tone of specific instruments to create a pleasant sounding environment.

Organs are the most common musical instrument in a church and many are often accompanied with Leslie speakers. At ClearSonic we offer a great selection of Leslie speaker isolation panels that feature high quality acrylic shields that act to reduce reflected sound so the organ tone and pitch don't drown out a pastor's sermon or the vocals of a choir. When instruments and vocals compete for space in a church it often leads to distortion which is irritating to the congregation. With the right acoustic panels, SORBER baffles and amp enclosures you can effectively control the stage volume in a church and achieve the right sound to fit your church acoustics.