Building a Studio Drum Shield

Studio Drum ShieldIf you go into any recording studio you will find a variety of activities going on around you depending on the type of studio it is. You will likely find musicians practicing, vocalists warming up, and engineers preparing to record; you also may find these people working together to discover solutions to recording conundrums. One trouble that some recording studios and live musicians alike may run in to is figuring how to perfect a recording to ensure that the end result sounds clear and appealing. One type of instrument that recording professionals may have trouble controlling more than other is the percussion instruments.

With most stringed instruments that use amplifiers you can simply turn down the volume; if your vocalist is too quiet or too loud you can ask them to adjust their level as well. But with percussion instruments it can be a bit more difficult to control the volume and allow the musician to play to their full potential. Instead you may want to consider creating and utilizing a drum shield in your recording studio to allow the drummer to play however they want without the reverberation being off the charts. If you have never used a drum shield during the recording process you will likely be pleasantly surprised at the change you notice.

If you are unsure of where to start when creating the drum shield for your recording studio you have come to the right place. By using ClearSonic panels to create a drum shield you will have a durable, clear shield to surround the drum set being used and prevent reverberation that could compromise the quality of the end result. We offer a variety of sizes of the ClearSonic panels along with panel extenders so you will be able to customize your drum shield to ensure that it fits your needs perfectly. You may also want to combine our ClearSonic panels with our other products such as SORBER baffles or IsoPac lids to create a full sound booth for your drums while recording. Whichever combination of products you end up using you will surely notice a beautiful end result.