Amp Isolation

Amp IsolationWhen a band gets together on a stage or in a recording studio there are plenty of instruments competing with one another. Some instruments are naturally louder than others and to avoid the volume of specific instruments drowning out other instruments and vocalists you may want to use amplifier enclosures. Speaker enclosures help tame the amplifier volume without losing the rich tone you want from your guitars, keyboards and bass guitars. When you combine ClearSonic amp shields with SORBER sound baffles you can both deflect and absorb sound to get the right sound you are looking for.

At ClearSonic we have a wide variety of AmpPac amplifier enclosures that are designed to be used with amplifiers, small combo amps and speaker cabinets. While the clear sound panel helps deflect the sound you can also use SORBER sound baffles to absorb the reflected sound and get a pleasing tone from your guitars that will blend evenly in with the other instruments. For a full amp enclosure you can also use a SORBER sound baffle to create a lid so sound won't escape from the top.

If you don't use an amp enclosure and have multiple musicians playing in a recording studio or on a church stage the chances of the guitar amplifier bleeding into or leaking into the microphones of vocalists and other instruments is quite high. This leaking will create a distorted sound that can ruin the sound quality of drums, brass instruments, vocals and keyboards. By providing an amp isolation enclosure using ClearSonic acrylic sound shields and SORBER baffles with compressed fiberglass encased in heavy-duty acoustic fabric, you can effectively tamper the amplifier volume without compromising the tone you want from the guitar.

When you visit ClearSonic you'll see a number of basic set-ups for common cabinet sizes that can help you get started on building a high quality amp enclosure. Our clear sound shield panels have durable hinges that allow you to create the right shield to get the sound you want. You can customize your amplifier enclosure with SORBER sound baffles in front, behind or on top of the amp isolation kit.