Amp Enclosure

Amp EnclosureAmplifiers and speakers can be very tricky to deal with, both on a stage and in a recording studio. Being able to control the sound from an amp is often necessary to reduce the reverberation of a guitar but you have to be careful in how you tame the sound so not to lose the tone that makes the guitar integral to a specific piece of music or song. Being able to both absorb and deflect the sound from an amplifier or speaker will give you greater control over the tone and thus allow for better sound quality. ClearSonic offers a wide variety of acrylic clear panel amp enclosure and SOBER baffles to help you get the sound you want from your amplifiers.

Churches, school auditoriums, recoding studios and concert halls all have unique acoustics that require speakers to amplify the instruments and deliver high quality sound to the audience and sound engineers. But getting the balance right in each setting requires careful planning and one way to achieve volume control is by using ClearSonic amp enclosures and SORBER baffles. Amp shields help to isolate the speaker from other instruments and SORBER baffles assist in deflecting and absorbing sound. Together these sound reduction aides lower the stage volume and achieve better separation between instruments so you get a clearer overall sound.

ClearSonic has a wide variety of amp shields and enclosures to accommodate large speaker set ups and single amplifiers. Browse the great selection of AmpPacs at ClearSonic including AmpPac10, AmpPac31 and AmpPac50 models as well as the JB-4 Joe Bonamassa signature model amp shield to find the amp enclosure that is right for your recording studio, church band or concert stage.

Made from high quality acrylic and Plexiglas, and in some models scratch resistant panels, our amp enclosures are durable, flexible and easy to set up and transport. Whether you have a small combo amp or large speaker cabinet ClearSonic has the right amp isolation enclosures to soak up reflected sound and get the best quality tones from your amplifiers.