Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic TreatmentAuditoriums, churches, gymnasiums and concert halls are often vast closed spaces that can easily distort the sound of a singer or band. Such areas can be tricky to deal with when sound is trapped or lost entirely due to the special acoustics of the space. Sound engineers often have their hands full trying to figure out how to get the best sound quality when dealing with particular venues and one way to effectively deal with reverb time is to install ClearSonic SORBER baffles and acoustic panels.

When bands play in churches and auditoriums the reverberations of the instruments, including guitars, drums and vocal microphones, all compete for the same space and this wave of sound will literally bounce off ceilings and walls creating unusual and at times disturbing sounds that can ruin a concert or theater production. With high quality SORBER baffles you can effectively contain sound and control reflections so you get the right sound for your performance.

Manufactured from rigid 1.5" thick compressed fiberglass encased in heavy-duty 'acoustic fabric' ClearSonic SORBER baffles achieve terrific NRC ratings (noise reduction coefficient), sometimes greater than 90%. Rather than re-directing sound SORBER baffles actually absorb it to greatly reduce acoustic distortion and help deliver a clean sound that will be enjoyed by an audience in a church, auditorium or gymnasium.

SORBER baffles are fire resistant, aesthetically neutral in color, using light and dark grey, and are mass produced which means a lower cost for you. Versatile SORBER baffles can be used on ceilings and walls and also as lids for vocal and drum enclosures including vocal booths and translation booths. When you have solid control over acoustics using acoustic treatments such as SORBER baffles you get a much better sound quality and provide a pleasing environment for bands and singers to perform in.