SORBER Sound Baffles

SORBER Sound BafflesIf you run your own recording studio then it is probably important to you that each final recording that is produced sounds as close to perfect as it can get. There are many elements that go into creating that perfect recording, from the musicians and vocalists to the quality of the equipment that is used to record and everything in between. One thing that you may not put much thought in to when recording is the room that you are using to record. You may not have had too much control when it came to the type of space you selected to use for recording but that doesn't mean that you can't alter the space to fit your needs. Just because you had to go with a room with high, hard ceilings because it was in your recording budget doesn't mean you're stuck with the sounds that these rooms create.

Instead of settling with your room that may lead to reverberation, echo, or generally poor sound quality you can utilize SORBER sound baffles to create a room that is optimum for recording. If you are unfamiliar with our SORBER sound treatments they are built out of a 1.5-inch thick compressed fiberglass and then covered with a material called "acoustic fabric". These sound baffles can be freestanding or they can be easily attached to any surface because they are Velcro-receptive so no matter the type of environment you are recording in or the aesthetic results you desire you will be able to create an ideal sound environment in any room.

Once your recording studio is outfitted with SORBER baffles you can rest assured that the baffles will absorb the sound that you do not want to reach the final recording. These baffles have a Noise Reduction Coefficient rating greater than 90% so the sound is not simply being redirected but actually being absorbed. This will lead to a higher quality recording which means that as the artist or recording professional you will be happier with the end result. SORBER baffles can be used in a variety of other situations if you choose to use them as stand alone tools as opposed to attaching them to the walls or ceiling of a room. Contact our customer service department today to discover the variety of ways you can use your SORBER sound baffles and place your order.