Dimensions: 45"W x 30"D x 66"H
Parts Included:

Left Pic: (1) A5-2, (2) S5-2
Right pic: (1) A5-2, (2) S5-2, (4) S2

General Info:

For large cabinets (full stacks, etc.), we reccomend using the A5-2 ClearSonic Panel in front, along with a pair of S5-2 SORBER baffles in the back. For additional reduction, S2 baffles can be added to the inside lower portion of the acrylic. Additional clear panels and extenders can be added if more area or height is required.

4x12 & 8x12 Cabinet Enclosures
Dimensions: 45"W x 30"D x 36"H
Parts Included: (1) A3-3, (1) S4-2, (3) S2-(right pic)
General Info: These are 2 variations of one basic setup. In the front is an A3-3, 3-section clear shield. Each section of the A3-3 is 2'W x 3'H. The S4-2 SORBER baffle completes the setup in the back. The picture on the right shows the same enclosure with (3)S2s added to the inside lower portion of the A3-3. The S2s will help reduce the amount of reflected sound that would normally bounce back into the room.
ClearSonic Acrylic panels and SORBER absorption baffles can be used to help tame the volume of guitar cabinets. Some basic half-stack and full-stack set-ups are shown on this page. It is easy to increase or decrease the area inside the enclosure by adding or removing clear panels. Additional isolation can also be achieved by completely surrounding the cabinet with clear acrylic, and then treating the inside with SORBER material. If you don't see what you need here, please call or e-mail to discuss your specific needs.
Dimensions: 45"W x 30"D x 44"H
Parts Included:

Left Pic: (1) A4-3, (1) S4-2, (3) S2
Right pic: (1) A4-3, (1) S4-2, (1) STC4

General Info:

Using an A4-3 ClearSonic Panel in the front of this provides additional sound reduction, as well as allowing for a lid section to be placed on top easily. We recommend leaving an opening near the back of the lid to allow for air exchange. A clip on fan is also available.