Dimensions: 38"W x 30"D x 24"H
Parts Included: (1) A18-6
Combo / 2x12 Cabinet
Dimensions: 34"W x 30"D x 24"H
Parts Included: (1) A18-6, (6) S1, (1) STC4
General Info: This set-up is identical to the one above, with the addition of an STC4 Lid section on top to further reduce sound transmission.
Dimensions: 34"W x 30"D x 24"H
Parts Included: (1) A18-6, (6) S1
General Info: (6) S1 SORBER baffles have been attached to the inside of an A18-6, 6-panel clear shield. This combination both blocks sound and absorbs reflected energy before it can escape into the room. Since the top is open, some sound will still escape. For even more reduction consider adding an STC4 baffle as a lid (see below).

ClearSonic products can be used to make a variety of different size enclosures for guitar amplifiers. The examples on this page are suitable for many standard combo amps, or 2x12 speaker cabinets. These enclosures use the A18 and A3 clear panels in combination with SORBER absorption baffles.

These are just a few examples of enclosures that can be made with ClearSonic products. Please call or e-mail to discuss your specific needs.

Dimensions: 45"W x 30"D x 36"H
Parts Included: (1) A3-3, (1) S4-2L, (3) S2L-right picture
General Info:

These are 2 variations of one basic setup. In the front is an A3-3, 3-section clear shield. Each section of the A3-3 is 2'W x 3'H. The S4-2L SORBER baffle completes the setup in the back. The picture on the right shows the same enclosure with (3)S2Ls added to the inside lower portion of the A3-3. The S2Ls will help reduce the amount of reflected sound that would normally bounce back into the room. If you wanted a similar size enclosure with a lid, you could replace the A3-3 with an
A4-3, and add an STC4 as a lid.